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Nick Williams travels the world sharing a life-affirming - and profoundly spiritual – vision of work and entrepreneurship. A sought after speaker, best-selling author and broadcaster, Nick is on a mission to help people move beyond their fears, play-bigger in their lives, and transform their passions into profitable businesses.

I ask Richard Olivier what inspired him and why he founded Mythodrama to assist in developing world class leaders (posted 21st October 2010).


Richard Olivier is one of the leading trainers and coaches of leaders in the world today and we are honoured to have him come to speak for us. Richard is giving our monthly talk on November 24th, titled Taking the Lead - full details here 

In this conversation, I ask Richard where his own passion for his work came from. 

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You can find out more about his ground-breaking work here: 

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quoteGreetings from New Zealand! I just listened to your live in Bournemouth talk - and I just wanted to say thank you.quote ~ Tanya
quoteThank you for the input last year which was very productive for me.quote ~ Keith, London, UK