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Sarah Alexander

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Sarah Alexander works with entrepreneurs, assisting them to develop their businesses in line with spiritual principles set out in her book Spiritual Intelligence in Business. Since selling her equestrian business in 2001, she has focused on coaching executives both in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

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Nick Williams travels the world sharing a life-affirming - and profoundly spiritual – vision of work and entrepreneurship. A sought after speaker, best-selling author and broadcaster, Nick is on a mission to help people move beyond their fears, play-bigger in their lives, and transform their passions into profitable businesses.

Spiritual Intelligence In Coaching with Sarah Alexander and Nick Williams.

When & Where:
9th February 2013 (10:00 AM) at Regents College (Tuke Building)
£77 - only 5 places remaining!
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FREE for Community members. £44.00 for Premium Members.

What Will I Learn?

Spiritual Intelligence is about remembering your own truest self, the person
you’ve always been. As you make your relationship with it stronger each day you
can keep the promise you made to restore this world and yourself to the awareness of love.
Through this Self-leadership we realise we are the ones we have been waiting for.

~ Nick Williams and Sarah Alexander

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Traditional approaches to coaching focus primarily on your personal wants, needs and goals and how to accomplish them. This approach certainly brings success to many and yet it relies purely on the power of the focused, logical mind to create results. It often exacts a high-price. Spiritual Intelligence adds further dimensions and a greater context to the coaching conversation. It also embraces the context of a higher purpose and invites questions such as:

  • What are you being guided to be and do?
  • What gifts, talents and abilities are waiting to emerge from you?
  • What are you inspired to do?
  • Where are you being called to grow and become more?
  • What are you being guided to next?
  • What contribution are you invited to make next?
  • What fears and resistances are you being guided to grow beyond?

This approach adds the dimension of a higher and guiding intelligence working in tandem with our own mind and moves coaching into a more spiritually connected approach that encompasses people’s professional and personal life and their whole being.

In this foundation workshop, Sarah Alexander and Nick Williams will introduce you to the techniques they use in their coaching and mentoring of business owners and entrepreneurs which they call "Spiritual Intelligence."

Quite simply tip top! Inspirational, practical and experiential. Great to come away with
many ways to improve the service I offer from the inside out. I really enjoyed it.

~ L.S. - Previous Attendee

Spiritual Intelligence is based on the concept of collaboration with clients and a mutual Higher Power. The value of this approach is that the situations and gifts that we then draw to us are totally in alignment with who we are as people, and are often far greater than what we ourselves had dared to imagine.

To coach in this way requires knowledge and a trust in the principles of Spiritual Intelligence. These principles are based on our connection, as coaches, to an energy force within us, which for some is our Higher Self or for others, our connection to Spirit. This energy force is constantly  buiding us forward, evolving us as people and leading us to the art of effortless accomplishment in all our coaching relationships.

This inner energy can be used in our coaching sessions to guide all that we say and do as coaches. We can be open to the emergence of new possibilities. This means that our sessions really do give the client what is truly in alignment with their greatest good and gives them the clarity that they need to move forward and reveal their brilliance.

On this foundation workshop you will learn:

  • The eight spiritual principles that underpin this approach to coaching.
  • The five belief systems that you, or your clients may have that will limit Spiritual Intelligence.
  • The difference between forcing things to happen and the feminine power of allowing.
  • How to prepare for coaching sessions so you're in alignment with your Spiritual Intelligence.
  • How to easily access this wisdom and intelligence from within through four distinct ways.
  • How to hold a high, compassionate and non-judgemental space during your sessions
  • How to lift the client above their current limiting thinking.

The day will include guided meditations to align you with this thinking and draw to you your future clients and business connections. We will also be practicing these techniques in this safe space so that you can gain familiarity with them. This workshop is open to coaches as well as those interested in using these methods in their own work capacity.

Thank you for a great day. I am looking forward to joining you on the 4-day course.
I loved the guided meditation and the balance between input and
exercises. Brilliant day, thank you.

~ H.W. - Previous Attendee

This course will provide the foundation for the 4 day Spiritual Intelligence in Coaching Certification, which will run later this year.

... for further information, call Sarah on 01483 421 819. Please bring a bottle of water to drink and pen and paper. Refreshments are available at the college.

This masterclass will be held at the Regents College (Tuke Building) Inner Circle in London on the 9th February 2013 between 10:00 AM and 17:00 PM.

... numbers strictly limited to 30 people, so please book early to avoid disappointment

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Nick Williams is the author of seven books including the best-selling The Work We Were Born To Do and most recently The Business You Were Born To Create. His expertise and passion lie in helping people unify their work and love. He has been running his own inspired businesses for 21 years. After leaving his own unfulfilling corporate career in IT in 1989 to follow his calling,

Nick Williams has spent the last twenty years inspiring tens of thousands of people around the world to re-imagine work, discover the work they were born to do and then guiding them to create successful businesses around the work they love. Nick has coached and mentored leaders in academia, business and entrepreneurship leadership, the media, entertainment, the NHS and the medical profession, finance and venture capital, personal growth and coaching.

As well as serving inspired entrepreneurs, Nick has also served individuals and teams within such companies as: IKEA, BT, W H Smith, London Underground, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mastercard Worldwide, The Institute of Marketing, McKinsey, British Aerospace, The University of Westminster, Deloitte, Direct Line Insurance, The University of Cape Town, Media 24, De Beers, The Human Resources Summit, Peninsula Leadership Development, CIPD, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, BBC, University Hospital Birmingham, RightCoutts, Temple Street Children's University Hospital Dublin, Southern Area Health Promotion Department, and various universities

Sarah Alexander is the author of Spiritual Intelligence in Business, a book which brings Eastern spiritual principles to the modern, Western business setting. Sarah currently coaches and mentors entrepreneurs and people from many different business settings to enable them to develop and grow both personally and professionally based on the spiritual principles set out in her book.

Sarah’s background is in the world of sports. For more than 15 years up until 2001, Sarah specialised in the training of both horse and rider for success in competitions. In 1989, she took over a small equestrian centre which was failing as an enterprise and in the first year turned it into a successful “top end” business, which remained successful throughout the time that Sarah was there. Sarah sold this business in 2001 just prior to the birth of her daughter. Since then, Sarah has gone on to coach top equestrian competitors and other sports professionals including those competing at international levels. Her success at improving client's performance with these techniques prompted her to take them into the corporate environment and create the same performance success there.

Over the years, Sarah has worked with clients from multi-nationals including Shell, Motorola, Citibank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Guinness, and Zurich and with senior partners from successful law firms. For 5 years she ran Leadership Development programmes for a multinational in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

"Overall", says Sarah, "I motivate people to use their innate talents and capabilities< so they can easily create their own success. My desire is always to inspire people to their own highest potential through connecting to their own inner wisdom and knowledge."

An excellent introduction to a new way of thinking which balanced theory
with how to practically use it. Very useful for facilitation skills and for unblocking personal
resistance In general well prepared, time well managed and a good pace.
Very enjoyable - time and money well spent.

~ - Previous Attendee

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quoteThank you for being so authentically, inspirationally your self. You are truly a dreambuilder and a precious soul in this world. Your help and belief in me have made all the difference.quote ~ Lily, Leamington Spa, UK
quoteA HUGE thank you for today!! You were wonderful, thank you so much. You gave the group your wisdom, your experience, pragmatism, inspiration and it all came from your heart! Your gentle and respectful way of working was quite lovely to observe. I would love to stay in touch with you and would be delighted to be interviewed by you!quote ~ Kim Morgan, Uk
quoteThank-you Nick - I couldn't have done any of it without your help. quote ~ Deborah, Paris
quoteI really wish I'd had all the information contained in Nick's ‘Building Your Expert Brand’ course when I was starting out with [my business] Gorgeous Guineas - it would have been less of a struggle! Although I am already doing much of what is covered in the course, I have found out the hard way. Having a concise definition of what an ‘Expert’ is, along with an assortment of different ways in which you can start building your Expert Platform is invaluable. Once you have a framework like this, it is much easier to focus your efforts into taking the right actions in order to become an Expert. Thanks Nick.quote ~ Chrissie
quoteJust to thank you both for a very supportive and encouraging evening. I've told interested friends and will be back in March, all being well. quote ~ Maggie S
quoteThat session was so clarifying for me and was just what I was looking for! quote ~ Reina, Denver Colorado
quoteThanks for hosting the first get together last week, it was ironic what you said about just showing up whatever you're feeling like, because I confess I was feeling rather tired beforehand but left feeling energised after meeting some really interesting people!quote ~ Rosalind Carr
quoteI’m looking forward to the seminar on Saturday. I found the tele-seminar on Monday very valuable and great start for the seminar itself. Thank you for the insightful distinctions and your gentle yet powerful style. quote ~ Jan Polak
quoteGreetings from New Zealand! I just listened to your live in Bournemouth talk - and I just wanted to say thank you.quote ~ Tanya
quoteHi Nick and Niki - I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for last night. It really was the message that I needed to hear at the point that I needed to hear it. And it’s so sweet and generous that you give away the book as well. I’m incredibly excited to read it. I’m a member of a few organisations but none compare to the value that I feel I receive from being a member of The Inspired Entrepreneurs' Club. Thank-you for all that you do.quote ~ Cheryl Kempton
quoteMany thanks - it is very kind of you to send me all this guidance information. I have decided to take two weeks off to work on this and other things. Thank you again.quote ~ Kurida, UK
quoteThanks for your 9 pointers presentation. It has really inspired me. I am passing it on to my friends. Keep the good work.quote ~ Monda
quoteThanks again, as always your advice has put me back on the right path! quote ~ Julie, UK
quoteThank you for the input last year which was very productive for me.quote ~ Keith, London, UK
quoteThank-you to you and Niki for an excellent course - it was absolutely brilliant & delivered all I expected and a lot more! It was so well designed and packed with lots of valuable ideas. quote ~ Julie, UK