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Nick Williams

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Nick Williams travels the world sharing a life-affirming - and profoundly spiritual – vision of work and entrepreneurship. A sought after speaker, best-selling author and broadcaster, Nick is on a mission to help people move beyond their fears, play-bigger in their lives, and transform their passions into profitable businesses.

The Brilliance Incubator with Nick Williams.

When & Where:
6th June 2012 (18:30 PM) at International Students House
FREE and exclusive to Community Level Members only.
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What Will I Learn?

Small steps are often the birthing place of great enterprise.

~ Nick Williams, co-founder, Inspired Entrepreneur.

NOTE: This event is exclusive to Community Level Members only.

For this session, one of our community members, Beverley Glick will be taking to the stage -

Special Guest Expert: Beverley Glick - Mining the Story Within.

Have you ever wished there was a way to get to the heart of who you truly are, so that you wouldn't need to agonise about the message you had to share with the world? Then why not come along to The Brilliance Incubator on Wednesday June 6, when Beverley Glick will be trialling a one-hour presentation entitled Mining the Story Within

Using her 30 years of experience as a writer, editor and national newspaper journalist, along with the skills and tools she has learned as a human potential coach, Beverley will be helping you:

  • Explore the narrative themes of your life and how they played a part in who you are right now.
  • Gain clarity about what makes you unique and how that can inform your business.
  • Turn your wounds into wisdom.
  • Gain a fresh perspective on your story so far.
  • Become the author of your own life.
  • Start to write the next chapter from a place of empowerment.

 ... there is gold inside each and every one of us, so please join us for some prospecting while helping Beverley incubate her workshop!

This monthly session, facilitated by Nick, is the perfect place to take that first, scary and exciting baby step on a project that’s important to you; try out a new idea, give the first ten minutes of your new talk, float a new business concept or simply cheer others on as they do the same!

Our goal is to create a wonderfully nurturing environment and a safe place to launch new ideas; an “angel support team” rather than a “dragon’s den”.

You might like to:

  • Try out a new five minute talk you’ve never given.
  • Get people’s thoughts on a new business idea.
  • Show us a mock-up of your new website.
  • Ask for feedback on your sales copy.
  • Request thoughts on a book idea.
  • Pitch a new product or service.

… and get valuable input on anything whatsoever that’s close to your heart.

In essence, this is an opportunity to step across a threshold in a safe and supportive group. I’ve found that more learning and personal growth can take place in that critical few minutes when an entrepreneur takes a public baby-step, than in hours of coaching and introspection.

So, come along, get your 10 to 15 minute slot, and get acknowledged, take a risk and grow in the process. Let the group celebrate you, affirm you and be your advocate!

It’s not necessary to present in order to attend, as a member you’re always welcome to come along and contribute your thoughts and encouragement, and be inspired by the talent and courage in your community. Wherever possible (and on request) we will do our best to record your slots on audio or video, so bring along your laptop or a memory stick and you can take the recording away with you.

The energy of this group: will be about pioneering within a safe environment, being willing to be seen and known, in new ways, and to take a risk away from the outside world. Your ideas will find tender hearts, hands and minds to give you constructive encouragement. Think of this group as being like an entrepreneurial womb!

There is a dedicated Facebook Group for this format, so that Community Level members can connect between sessions (you'll need to click the "Ask to join group" button on the group homepage - within Facebook - to be granted access).

This session will be held at the International Students House (The Gulbenkian Room) in London on the 6th June 2012 between 18:30 PM and 21:30 PM.

If you're a Community Level Member there's no need to book, just come along.

Each of us is here to make a unique contribution to life with our
love, gifts and talents. Each of us is the answer to some people’s prayers.
Don’t be selfish - show up with what you’ve got. We need you.

~  Nick Williams, co-founder, Inspired Entrepreneur.

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quoteJust to thank you both for a very supportive and encouraging evening. I've told interested friends and will be back in March, all being well. quote ~ Maggie S
quoteI’m looking forward to the seminar on Saturday. I found the tele-seminar on Monday very valuable and great start for the seminar itself. Thank you for the insightful distinctions and your gentle yet powerful style. quote ~ Jan Polak
quoteI have just been offered a dream job is New York. Thank you for your encouragement to get myself moving, your coaching and guidance.quote ~ Niall, London, UK
quoteI too enjoyed my session with you although it was on the telephone. It was an unforgettable memory for me and I did value it so much. Thank you very much!quote ~ Sandie, Surrey, UK
quoteThank-you Nick - I couldn't have done any of it without your help. quote ~ Deborah, Paris
quoteYour interview with Judy Piatkus was a God send. It put into a nutshell all that I have been thinking about for the past year. What made it even better is that there are other people, probably thousands of them who think the same way I do about life and business! quote ~ Gina Hamlyn
quoteMany thanks - it is very kind of you to send me all this guidance information. I have decided to take two weeks off to work on this and other things. Thank you again.quote ~ Kurida, UK
quoteTHANK YOU! Yesterday was amazing and has helped me to 'see' many things about my new life as an entrepreneur and writer. quote ~ Grace, London
quoteSomething amazing is happening in my life and a major contributor towards this change has been the inspiration I have found from reading your books, hearing you talk and meeting you. Thank you!quote ~ Sharon, Worthing UK
quoteGreetings from New Zealand! I just listened to your live in Bournemouth talk - and I just wanted to say thank you.quote ~ Tanya
quoteThank-you to you and Niki for an excellent course - it was absolutely brilliant & delivered all I expected and a lot more! It was so well designed and packed with lots of valuable ideas. quote ~ Julie, UK
quoteThank you so much for a very inspiring session Friday morning! I do not often feel so heard on all levels as I felt when talking with you. And some of your feedback reached right into the core of my passion. Thank you for that. quote ~ Birte, Copenhagen, Denmark